There's Nothing Like Meeting a Painted Piano.

We've all seen brown pianos, black pianos, white pianos, but sometimes the human soul craves a change, a WOW, a smile . . . when only pizzazz will do, Painted Pianos are for you!  Isn't it about time to spice up that drab corner with color and song?

Our mission is to fill ordinary rooms with an extraordinary instrument -- because every family deserves a good piano as unique as they are.  Every day we work hard to accomplish this with taste and excellent workmanship in all areas.

All the pianos we acquire to work on have inherent original quality, whether antique or relatively new.  We select instruments that we have caught a vision for and believe will transfer their true character into your home.

Take a moment to browse through the pianos we currently have available and be inspired!  Or if you already own a piano, we can transform it for you on the outside and/or the inside.  We are happy to work with the existing color scheme and design concepts in your home and make a custom art piece that ties the whole room together.

Simply refurbishing inanimate instruments is not the only reason we are excited about what we do.  There is something else getting a makeover at the same time, because when you sit down to play one of our restored, painted pianos, your music, too, will "come alive" like never before.

About Us

Danika Gooch (artist) has loved creating order, beauty, and smiles for all her life, whether with a pen, music, or food on a plate.  She cartoons and designs graphics and websites, and in previous years her partnerships in fused glass and fiber work enabled her to be part of art walks, galleries, and open studio tours with the Placer County Arts Council.  However, it was her fire for music, not art, that sparked the painting of pianos.  As a recording artist, her initial idea was to make a music video with a brightly-colored baby grand out on a hill, but once collaboration began with Alexander, the brainstorm turned into an ongoing enterprise.  When not outside painting a piano, Danika will probably be found inside playing one, composing or teaching music.  Visit to see and hear more about her ministry with music.  She also enjoys writing, adventurous sports, the Hebrew language, healthful living, and preparing to be a wife in the future.

Alexander Gooch (technician) has tuned and repaired pianos in Sacramento and Auburn since 2007.  (See for more technical information on pianos.)  Like many piano technicians, Alexander took up the trade of piano service as a secondary vocation, intending to fly airplanes for a living primarily (he is an instrument-rated commercial pilot and holds an A & P mechanic certificate).  But, although he still likes flying the best (especially when he looks down on all those traffic jams), he has grown to truly enjoy "working with his hands" on pianos, and he now spends more time working on pianos than on flying.  He hopes to teach his piano business to his future family.

"So, Let's See the Pianos!"