"Galactic Static"

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50" upright piano - built in 1928 in USA by Gulbransen (serial number 293796)

PRICE: $2750

Built in the golden age of piano manufacturing, this striking piano is a quality, well-maintained antique.  And now with completely restored action and a fresh, zesty exterior, this instrument has its best years still to come!  Pianists have commented on its supreme smoothness and its solid, expressive touch.  It especially loves glissandos. . . .

(Includes matching duet bench.)

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* Original artwork on exterior

* Complete action restoration:
       ◦ All damper felts replaced
       ◦ 88 new hammer butt buckskins and felts
       ◦ 88 new backcheck buckskins
       ◦ 88 new sticker cloths
       ◦ 88 new bridle straps
       ◦ New hammer rail cloth
       ◦ New spring rail cloth
       ◦ All hammers filed
       ◦ All capstans polished
       ◦ All action parts checked for excellent condition; entire action lubricated
       ◦ Complete regulation

* General cleaning, including plate, action, and bridges

* Polished strings, pressure bar, pedals, and hinges

* All key tops sanded and buffed; sharps re-lacquered

* New nameboard felt

* New rubber nails

* Fine tuning

* Sturdy, matching duet bench included

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